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of solar drying of herbs:

Preserving without additives, sugar or chemistry:
Drying herbs with effective solar technology, in light-protected drying-chambers, with sieves made of stainless steel, air filters and insect lattice makes it possible to dry products without additives, sugar or chemistry.

Advantages of CONA solar driers:

  • The whole harvest of one season can be preserved for a later point in time.
  • Color, taste, aroma and ingredients are conserved because the product is protected from light in the drying chamber. Drying herbs in dark drying chambers you avoid ecaporating essential oils.
  • Because of the improved horizontal drying process a very even drying result is reached. Within one drying chamber there is no need for redistribution.
  • Without any additives it is possible to get a 100% natural product.
  • The use of high quality materials like glass and stainless steel makes a professional and hygienic production possible. That is important for sale and for getting respective certificates and permission.
  • The investment costs pay off quickly because of low running costs.The whole drying facility is designed for solar operation and therefore a very energy efficient and effective technology is used.

Advantages of solar technology

  • Little energy and running costs after initial investment is done.
  • Use of solar energy strengthen sustainable business.
  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly and does not produce CO2 emissions.
  • Non-renewable energy is saved.
  • Climate gets protected which is of increasing importance.