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About us

CONA's research facility 100m²

CONA was founded in 1987 and since that time the use of solar energy and biomass play an important role. The heating of the CONA building as well as heating water is 100% done by these forms of renewable energies.

The solar drying technology is an innovation of CONA, which is used in many different countries to dry more than 100 different products, for example wood, coffee, fruits, medicinal herbs, biomass.

In the past CONA was honoured with several awards like the EURO-SOLAR award, the SOLIDARITÄTSPREIS and the EDUARD-PLOIER-AWARD.

Despite Austria’s geographic location and climate, solar energy is widely used.  In the sector of thermal usage of solar energy, Austria is even in first place in Europe.

In Austria CONA’s drying technology is mainly used for drying biomass, hay and cereals.