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CONA offers 4 different models of solar herb-driers from 5m2 to 50m2  bearing surface. All models fulfil the requirements for professional drying of medicinal herbs, pot-herbs, teas and much more.

All eight models are delivered preassembled and so it is possible to assemble the solar drayer easily on location in a few hours. For that reason there are no extra planning and assembling costs.

You get further information to the single models of the SF Line SF25, SF75s, SF100s and SF200s on the respective sites. If you want an outline of all different models feel free to contact us.

Regulation unity of the drying line SF, with UV-resistant laser inscription, hygrometer, thermometer, speed regulation of the solar ventilating fan (temperature), isolated operation by photovoltaic or grid.

Large properties

If you need a drying facility from 50m2 to 600m2 bearing surface we offer you an individual planning workshop to develop a drying facility according to your needs. The result of the workshop is a detailed implementation plan for your solar drying facility.