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CONA solar dryer - model SF75s

The solar dryer SF75s has a capacity of 15m2 bearing surface and 4m² solar collectors with a thermal peak power of 2800W. The SF75s consists of 3 drying-chambers. The two drying-chambers in the back are for pre-drying, the first drying-chamber is for final drying.

The solar dryer is very flexible in use because beside herbs also fruits, vegetables, spices, meat and much more can be dried. Already more than 100 products in 12 different countries are dried with solar drying systems of CONA.

The CONA SOLAR DRYER SF75s fulfils all requirements for professional marketing of solar dried products. The good is protected several times by the light-protected drying-chamber, air filters, insect lattices and much more. The drying process in the dark drying-chambers preserves the essential oils in the herbs in contrast to the drying process in direct solar radiation. To assure dried products of high quality only materials of high quality are used for the solar dryers (e.g. stainless steal, gals). The use of stainless steel is particularly important in food processing because it does not support germination of germs. For hygienic production and easy cleaning all stainless steel parts can be taken out of the dryer.

Regulation unity of the drying line SF, with UV-resistant laser inscription, hygrometer, thermometer, speed regulation of the solar ventilating fan (temperature), isolated operation by photovoltaic or grid.

The horizontal airstream in the drying-chambers of the SF75s is much better than the general vertical airstream in normal herb-driers. The horizontal airstream lead to a much better and even drying result.

The solar dryer SF75s is available for normal power supply, photovoltaic supply (for an extra charge) and a combination of both power supply and photovoltaic supply (for an extra charge).

The delivery of the model SF75s includes all components preassembled and a detailed manual with pictures to make it possible to finally assemble the dryer in 2 – 3 hours on your own.

Feel free to ask for an offer! Price depends on purchased quantity.

Personal consultation and detailed product description are welcomed her upon request


For professional medicinal herb processing we offer you a starter set for 400€. (Balance, various stainless steel peeler, slicer, vacuum packing tool, etc.)

Detailed description of the starter set her upon request


If you need advice to built up a marketing and sales concept for your dried products we can help you with our experience and know-how. We can also help you with the packaging design for your products.