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Plant Bartl, Bazern

Great success with hay drying!

Another customer from Germany reports great success:

17. 8. 22

"We have already been able to dry 990 bales of hay, 500 bulk cubic meters of wood chips and 100 tons of grain this year. PURE SOLAR!"

The plant is equipped with 196m² CONA solar air collectors CCS+, a stone storage 1700kWh and two multifunctional drying chambers. The plant is controlled with CONA Control Platinum.

Friday 10 June and Saturday 11 June 2022, INTERSOL celebrates its 30 Years.

We congrat their important role throught these year and we will be participating in the celebration.

The three themes for the conferences are: Solar Energy, Organic Farming and Water.

Dr. Georg Hubmer, from CONA, will hold a presentation about food solar drying in Asia, Africa and Latin America on Saturday morning.

We wish the best to INTERSOL and hope to keep a close colaboration with them!

We are back!

Because of Corona we could not participate in the previous events of Tag der Sonne, but this year we made it possible.

CONA will be at the Climate Day on 7 May 2022 in Wartberg an der Krems. We are looking forward to answering all questions and giving tips together with some of the local renewable energy companies.

We look forward to seeing you there! :-)

50 new solar drying plants in Mozambique!

Between late 2021 and early 2022, 50 new solar drying plants (SF50) were put into operation in 4 regions in Mozambique.

Aproximately 2.500kg of fruits can be dried thanks to these dryers!

Together with the installation of the plants, a training program about utilization and optimization was carried out to the locals.

We wish our customers the best success in drying and further processes! :-)


New generation in CONA!

After many years working as the CEO of CONA solar, Dr. Georg Hubmer decided to pass his mandate to Mag. Clemens Hubmer from December 2021.
Dr. Georg Hubmer will still take part of the project management team.

We wish the best for their new future career at the company! :-)


Meeting with UN ambassador Mag. Jan Kickert
All 13 finalists of the ENERGY GRANT 2017
Energy seminar - for solving poverty problems in rural areas
Certificate for beeing one of the last 13 finalists

UN DESA ENERGY GRANT 2017 – 21.-22.11.2017

From more than 1000 submissions worldwide 254 came to the choice and of it 13 finalists were selected. Under these 13 Energy Grant finalists were beside projects from Australia, Egypt, Brazil, India, the Philippines, Tanzania, the USA, also the Austrian project of CONA with its technology on the solar food drying.

CONA used the days all around the presentation and the environmental seminar on site in New York for networking and already began on Monday with an appointment with the UN ambassador Mag. Jan Kickert. He established other suitable contacts.

Then on Tuesday 21.11 the highly endowed prize was awarded among 13 finalists and went to Grameen Shakti (Bangladesh) and ME SOLSHARE Ltd (Germany) with an electrification project in Bangladesh.

Immediately after the ceremony, synergies of the participants were investigated and worked on lasting cooperations for 2 days. At least, all 13 projects belong to the worldwide most innovative ones. To be able to deepen this not only in 2017, all finalists are also invited to the Energy Grant in 2018 and the lastingness project seminar.

Finalists 2017

The 13 finalists of the 2017 Grant Cycle, in alphabetical order:

·         AMPERES (Australia-Mekong Partnership for Environmental Resources and Energy Systems), in partnership with GreenID, WWF-Vietnam, Vietnam Womens Union and RAEL;

·         CONA Entwicklungs- und Handels GmbH;

·         Devergy;

·         Environmental Technology Centre – Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (PTL-BPPT);

·         Grameen Shakti / ME SOLshare Ltd. – Partnership;

·         Gujarat Mahila Housing SEWA Trust;

·         IEEE Foundation, Smart Village initiative;

·         Insolar Assessoria Empresarial e Social Ltda.;

·         Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas Foundation Inc. (aka World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines);

·         One Earth Designs;

·         SunCity;

·         Swimsol GmbH;


·         University of New South Wales

WSED - from 1st-3th of March, 2017

Visit us on the fair World Sustainable Energy Days from 1st-3th of March, 2017 in Wels in Upper Austria.

Get to know more about this event and sign up, nevertheless, as soon as participant in the event on our page on facebook. Opens external link in new windowSubscribe!

Fidel Castro's last will & visit of the Cuban Minister of Industry by CONA

In the course of the 50th jubilee of UNIDO the last week in Vienna a delegation of Cuban government representative came to Austria.

CONA SOLAR AUSTRIA already works together many years successfully with UNIDO and Cuba. Thus the Cuban Minister of Industry also visited the innovative enterprise CONA in Upper Austria with his tour through Austria. The visit should strengthen the more intensive cooperation with the government to be able to use the innovative solar technology of CONA in Cuba more extensive.

Currently primarily herbs are dried in Cuba for the medical care. Fidel Castro swore personally on the salutary effect of the "Moringa" plant coming from India which which is also to buy in chemist's shops or health food stores in Austria. It was very important to him that in all parts of Cuba the medical herbs are protected with decentralised solar dryers.

Thus he invested first in a big CONA "pilot solar dryer" and after successful achievement tests, another 5 other ones were ordered at his wish. However, the cooperation occurs meanwhile even with several ministries and other drying arrangements are already planned in spirit of Castro.

The great challenge of these arrangements is that in the humid climate of Cuba herbs must become dry in such a way that they are stable for teas, capsules or powders and not lose the ingredients, vitamis and form no mould.

Besides, Cuba opt for innovative, power-saving and high-quality technology from Austria – completely for the purposes of "El Comandante".

Visit of the CONA factory with ambassador Fernández, CEO of CONA Dr. Hubmer, Minister of Industries of Cuba Pardo, Ing. Zamora, Mag. Cabello of the Ministry of Cuba  (from left to right)
Talking about new projects and other solar dryers in Cuba with the support of the Ministry.

Semiindustrial solar drying plant SF400 for moringa herb started drying in Cuba

In September, 2016 the 5th solar drying of CONA started in Cuba to produce dried moringa leaves. At the institute Finlay moringa is dried in the best quality for moringa tea, moringa powder and moringa capsules.

The solar drying plant for moringa has installed 60 m² solar area on the roof of the house and with it a thermal top achievement of approx. 43 kW.

Inside of the processing building 2 drying lines of the model SF400 were installed.

Every line has 4 high grade steel trolleys on which the moringa leaves can be loaded directly in the processing area. Thus a practical and especially hygienic work is also guaranteed.

We personally explain many other advantages of this arrangement to you with pleasure.

If you want to know more about this arrangement, Opens internal link in current windowcontact us!

CONA is since June, 2016 also a climate alliance company!


Mr. Ito from Hibiya Amenis by the event of WKO in Nagano in Japan.


Many prospective customers for solar wood chip drying visited the state of CONA - Represented by the company Hibiya Amenis in Japan. Some visits to the already installed arrangements were put out and will take place during the next days.

Further solar biomass drying in Japan

Hiroshima is to us to all a concept, now, however, in the positive way: there is the first solar biomass drying of CONA.

The arrangement was planned and built up by our Japanese partners.

With the nice coloured drying box the drying looks equally completely different.

The arrangement has 48 m² solararea and can dry per year approx. 800-1000m³. This is a beginning for the big forests in Japan.

We wish a lot of success with the solar drying!

CONA is recently now also in the 16th country, in Costa Rica!

In Costa Rica were recently installed 60 m² solar area for the drying of fruits, herbs....

The dryers have a filling volume of 300 kg of fresh fruits, these are used almost completely. The fruit is dried for sweet packaging and the bowls are processed to tea.

We wish a lot of success with the dryers!

Report from "Deutsche Welle": "Helping farmers in Nicaragua"

With a shorter dry season and more extreme weather, preserving coffee and cocoa harvests in Nicaragua’s highlands is not easy. But farmers are using small solar dryers to dry their crops in a fast and effective way.

Project goal: Climate-friendly method of drying grains, fruits, herbs and spices

Project type: Solar dryers protect harvests from weather extremes and help secure the livelihoods of farmers

Project size: More than 80 solar dryers installed in Nicaragua, distribution in 12 countries

CO2 savings: Cocoa beans partially being dried by solar power instead of wood burning, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and slowing deforestation

Nicaragua is a country known for coffee and cocoa, with its highlands boasting some of the best beans in the world. But climate change has altered weather patterns – dry seasons are becoming shorter and there’s more extreme precipitation during the rainy season. As a result, coffee harvests on the fields are increasingly turning moldy because they often can’t be processed fast enough. That’s affecting small-scale farmers in the country whose livelihood depends on successful harvests. Now, local NGOs are working together with industry and universities to help farmers become more flexible and adapt to the climate chaos they’re facing. One simple yet powerful solution could be small solar dryers. They allow farmers to dry out coffee, cocoa, fruit and wood within hours and store those products until market prices have risen – all without resorting to chemical preservatives.

A film by Michael Altenhenne

Opens external link in new windowWatch the film here

Visit from CHILE:

The Chilean government has recognised the professionalism of Austria with the subject Biomass and has sent the analyst in the area of Biomass, Mrs. Verónica Martinez to Upper Austria.

She was very much enthusiastically from the visits of the Austrian enterprises in the area biomass and especially of the solar drying of woodchip.

Distorted world:

in our visit with the solar fruits and herb drying plant in Boyeros in Cuba no Caribbean feeling arose. On the contrary, our customers dry there at the moment orange peels for cold teas. Who thinks with Cuba of rain and 15 degrees? However, the solar plant is working in spite of bad weather!

Professional excursion Pellets and wood chip

International visitors had a look at the solar biomass drying in Geboltskirchen (OÖ) on Tuesday 26/2/2013.

Solar fruit drying in El Salvador:

The new, second solar drying arrangement for fruits, vegetables, herbs and a lot more has started in Guarjila, Chalatenango, in El Salvador.

The arrangement has 40 m² solar area for drying their fruits, herbs, vegetables and a lot more. Afterwards of drying they sell the products revalued as for example as herbal salt.

To be able to continue the drying also at night, the arrangement has an energy memory where the excessive energy of the day is stored and at night the drying through the energy memory can be continued.

We wish a lot of success with their new solar drying plant!

Visit from Japan

The last week were our Japanese partners for visit and we visited in the course of that also the biomass association in Linz.


The first solar woodchip drying recently started in Sarnen in Switzerland.
Paul Küchler has 48 m² solar surface.
He combined the arrangement for the drying of hay and biomass.

CONA solar driers on 4 continents 

On 4 continents solar driers from CONA Solar Austria are operating. With building a solar fruit drying facility in Uzbekistan CONA conquer Central Asia too.

460 m² solar collectors are drying bio fruits, which are sold in Europe

NEW: 2 solar fruit driers in CUBA

In June (2011) 2 new solar fruit drying facilities in Cuba have been put into operation. One facility is located in Boyeros and one in Banao.  

With this fruit drying facilities a lot of different fruits and vegetables are dried. Even an opening song was commissioned. Click here to listen to the opening song.

Opens external link in new windowlisten to the opening song

We wish all the best and a lot of success for our customers with drying and selling dried fruits and vegetables.


solar fruit-drying in Boyeros, 64m2 solar collectors
installation of the drying facility
satisfied mechanic and satisfied customers

Finca Don Chimino: fine mango and dark red hibiscus

The Finca Don Chimino owned by Ing. Sanchez in Gazapa is located a bit northern of El Salvador’s capital San Salvador.
On stony and apparently infertile soil are growing fine and tasty mango and dark red hibiscus, which is lovingly called Jamaican rose too.

Hibiscus is harvested in December and January and is processed to tea and wine directly on the finca.

Recently a professional fruit drying facility of CONA was put into operation. 60m2 solar collectors have been installed on the new built house. The solar collectors produce energy for the drying process. Some energy is directly used by the fruit driers an the rest part gets stored for the night.

The processing of the fruits happens inside the new built building to protect the fruits from insects, dust and other pollution. The employees have to enter the building through special sluice gates to assure a hygienic production.
After peeling and cutting the fruits are put on the sieves, which are now ready to be put in the drying chambers. Because of the considerate drying process it is possible to process the biological grown mango without additives, sugar and chemistry.


New cooperation with universities 

Since years cooperation with universities, universities of applied sciences and other education institutions are part of CONA’s work. Many students have written seminar papers and thesis about topics, which are interesting for CONA. Over the last years more and more universities and education institutes set up solar driers together with CONA.

Mainly these facilities are supported with money from the Austrian Development Program (OEZA), the program “Sei so Frei” and other private donators. With their help the topic of solar drying have been established in their curriculum. Also research and development have become an important part in our cooperation.

We are happy and proud to welcome two new universities, the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM) and the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in San Salvador.

A big award

During the Central America Conference of 10 Caribbean states environmental prizes have been awarded.

We are very happy and proud that Alimentos Campestres from Guatemala was awarded with one prize for his changeover from drying with gas to solar drying.