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Importance of drying wood chips

Using solar energy for drying wood chips two sources of renewable energies are linked. Solar energy is mainly available in summer time and wood chips are used for heating in winter.


Several problems arise when storing damp wood chips:

  • Mould formation (health risk, allergenic)
  • Fire hzard because of heating up
  • Rotting means loss of material and energy

Higher calorific value

The water in damp wood chips has to evaporate and to be burned in the heating boiler too. For that reason there is less energy output. But if wood chips are dried from 50% to 20% water content the effective calorific value is increasing by 60%.

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Lower emissions

By burning dry wood chips there are less emissions and less ash.

Longer lifespan of the boiler

Because of high water content in the wood chips the boiler gets exhausted especially when operating at partial load. For that reason manufactures of heating systems for wood chips do not offer a guarantee when using wood chips with a high water content than stated in the ÖNORM.

Increasing value and additional earnings

Farmers and foresters can increase their earnings by selling dry wood chips.

With the help of CONA drying facilities biomass like bushes, wood from deciduous trees, foliage, twigs and rind can now be used as high quality bio-energy.