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1.Duration of drying process
The duration of the drying process depends on 3 important factors:

  • dimension of the drying plant and solar collectors
  • weather and sunny days
  • water content of wood chips at the beginning

Our experience shows that under good weather conditions during summer time the drying process takes about 1 – 2 weeks and 3 – 6 weeks in spring and autumn.

2.Need of space
The solar collector is integrated into the roof. It’s best to place the collectors on the southern side but it can be also placed slightly western. One drying chamber needs to be 5,5 – 6m long and width depends on the needed capacity. A drying chamber that bears a capacity of 60 bulk cubic metres needs a width of 7,5m.

3.Costs of energy?
The main part of the needed energy is produced by solar radiation. The ventilators need about 2 – 4 kWh/BCM.

4.Are the drying chambers the storage room?
The drying process takes place in 10 – 20 charges per year. So there is a need of a separate storehouse for the dry wood chips.

5.Why is CONA using sloping gratings?
The wood chips are distributed evenly on the sloping grating and less pressure is built. So it is possible to use very energy saving ventilators. It’s also easier processing the wood chips on the grating.

6.How long does the installation take?
After planning the drying plant together with our customer the installation can be done in a few days depending on the roof.

7.Is it possible to do the installation of my drying plant on my own?
It is possible to do a lot of things under your own auspices. The gratings can be installed totally on your own. But installing the collectors should be done under investigation of our employees to guarantee a smooth running of the drying plant.

8.Is the drying system working with other sources of energy too?
The sloping gratings can also be used with other sources of energy and in combination with solar energy and another one.