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Drying of wood chips

CONA certified solar air colector CCS+ according DIN/EN/ISO9806 - highly supportable in many countries.

To us high-quality of the product and of the drying process is very important at the same time.

Sustainability is fundamental to our work and defined for us with the best combination from ecologically + economically + socially!

For an excellent drying result and a healthy environment!

Solar drying of wood chips

Michael Berger: “With my solar drying plant for wood chips (144m² solararea) from CONA I’m able to dry about 2600 bulk cubic metres wood chips a year. It allows me to offer wood chips of high quality to my customers from my own forest.”

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Saw mill Weingartner, Lower Austria: "Only on the saw the saw work did not calculate itself any more, but now by the revaluation of the waste material by a solar drying plant I can continue my saw work again positively."

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Biomass producer Mr. Eibl: "The solar drying was a very good decision, because I can use now my access to great, but wet wood chips and can sell this as a dry premium product. In the year I dry approx. 2000 SRM."



Heating work operator Mr. Füsselberger: "Since I have solar dried biomass, nothing else comes to my heating. The solar dried wood chips bring me a lot of advantages, but what is especially important to me: no disturbances and, hence, no night deployments of labour any more."

CONA drying facilities for wood chips offer an innovative opportunity to save solar energy from summer for winter time.  The air is heated up by solar energy and gets distributed in the wooden chips evenly from down below with the help of CONA’s patented grating.

CONA’s solar-air collectors heat up air very efficiently and there is no need for an extra heat exchanger. For that reason there is no risk of freezing, evaporating and leaking.

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The solar-air collectors heat up air and the warm is is transportet throug an isolated air shaft to the damp wood chips. With the help of a front loader the wood chips can be easily put on the sloping grating.

Little power consumption
Warm air can transport larger amounts of water than ambient air. Because of this effect the drying process is much quicker. Furthermore the air is distributed evenly through the sloping grating all over the damp wood chips.  For that reason there is no need of high pressure built up and energy-saving axial ventilators with a power of only 0,4 to 1,2 kW can be used.

For drying one bulk cubic metre of wood chips with a water content of 50% to a water content of 15% you need only little energy of 3 to 5 kWh. But the net energy of the wood chips is increasing by 170 to 250 kWh! Running costs of drying per m³ under 1€/m³!

Because of the patented sloping gratings the dry wood chips can be removed easily from the drying chamber. The patented sloping gratings with gill perforation lead to a perfect aeration of the damp wood chips with low pressure. For that reason the damp wood chips can be dried with minimal energy costs.

Assinger in talk with Weissenböck (biomas association) and Hubmer (Cona)

Armin Assinger (Austrian TV presenter and former alpine ski racer) says about the solar drying facility from CONA: “If solar drying of wood chips is generating 20 times more annual energy yield than photovoltaic, why does nobody know?"

Solar collectors for drying wood chips
Certified CONA solar air colector CCS+ according DIN/EN/ISO9806 - with this a good support up to 50% is possible (different in every country)

Drying wood chips with the help of solar-air technology

Features of CONA solar:

The use of solar-air collectors in drying process has several advantages:

The medium air is suitable for drying process and there is no need of an additional heat exchanger. Because of this it there is no risk of freezing, evaporating and leaking.

CONA has developed solar-air collectors, which have very efficient absorber technology. A peak power of more than 700W/m2 can be reached!

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Furthermore the air is transported through isolated airshafts to the damp wood chips to avoid loss of power.

Little air intake
Because of heating up the air in a closed system the relative humidity is increasing and more water can be transported. For that reason less cubic metre of air are necessary for the drying process.

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Patented and certified technology
CONA’s solar air collector CCS+ is patented, certified and has been awarded with several prizes. Also the sloping grating is patented.

The certificated DIN/EN/ISO 9806 CONA solar air colector CCS+ is supportable up to 50%. (Depending on country)

Saving solar energy from summer for winter
Because of solar drying of wood chips the net energy is increasing. 

Over the last 15 years CONA was honoured with several awards and nominations for their innovations in the field of solar technology.


Vorteile der solaren Hackschnitzeltrocknung (Kopie 1)

Solar wood chip drying in Marchtrenk
CONA certified solar air collector

Drying of wood chips with solar air technology!

Special features of CONA Solar:
The Austrian company CONA has incorporated the experience gained from 20 years of solar drying in Latin America (sawn timber, medicinal herbs, fruits, coffee, maize, beans, etc.) into the development of solar biomass drying. There, drying takes place under difficult conditions, as very high humidity is a permanent condition and the availability of electricity is interminttent or non-existent.

The technology is continuously improved and brought up to date.

The latest results from research and development are constantly incorporated into production.

Hundreds of drying plants have already been installed.

Each system is a drying solution tailored to the customer's needs.


Effective patented and certified solar air collectors

The use of air collectors has several advantages, especially for drying processes:

We are directly with the medium air and do not need an additional heat exchanger, no freezing, no evaporation and no leakage problems.

CONA has developed its own solar air collector with a particularly efficient absorber technology. This achieves outputs of more than 700W/m2! Opens internal link in current windowMore information here.

The already optimised collector heat is additionally transported to the wet wood chips through insulated air shafts (to avoid conduction loss).

CONA has already received several awards for its solar air technology and the environmentally friendly use of materials, and has also held the patent on its solar air collectors for several years.

Low air volumes

Due to the heating of the air in the closed duct, the relative humidity decreases and thus the ability to absorb more water increases. Therefore, considerably less cubic metres of air are needed for drying.

See the graphic Opens internal link in current window"Principle" of solar drying.

Patented and certified technologies

CONA has been granted the relevant patents for both its solar air technology and the biomass drying system with the inclined floor.

The certification of the solar air collector opens up many funding opportunities for customers. Please ask your bank advisor about this, he knows the subsidies in your area.

Storing solar energy from summer to winter

Solar drying of wood chips significantly increases the value of the material in summer and makes it available with a much higher energy content in winter.

Drying firewood - drying logs

With a slightly modified solar drying of wood chips, firewood can also be dried. The firewood is dried in 2-4 weeks, depending on the sun. This means that the firewood can be processed and sold much more quickly. The firewood is thus significantly upgraded in summer and is available in winter with a much higher energy content. To be able to buy dried firewood is largely a scarce commodity, which is why many families with tiled stoves in the living area are willing to spend more money on well-dried firewood.

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