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The higher the temperature of the air, the more water it can take. (only if you heat the air up in a close system)
Mounting the solar air collector gets pretty fast. It replaces your normal roof covering.
The mounting is easy with the right wooden underconstruction. But we find solutions with pretty every roof construction.
Roof integrated solar air collector area. In this case used for solar wood chip drying.
CONA solar research plant. 96m² solar air collector area with a pebble stone storage for a lot of testing in the drying yield.
Certified solar air collector  - important for getting public support

The function of CONA solar driers is based on the ability of air to transport larger amounts of water with rising temperatures (see picture).

CONA’s solar drying facility sucks in ambient air and warms it up in the closed system of the solar installation. The warm air, which is now able to transport large amounts of water, is transported in air ducts to the inside of the dryer. The warm air now extracts water from the drying product (e.g. fruits, herbs, wood) until the air is saturated.

A small amount of electric energy is only necessary to run the ventilators. The heating of the air is only done by the use of solar energy.

The core of the CONA-solar technology is the patented and certified (according DIN/EN/ISO 9806) CONA CCS+ air collector, which has been developed in an intense research process for years.

The key to the high degree of effectiveness of CONA air collectors is the special design of the absorber.

For every single square meter irradiation surface there are 5 square meters of heat exchanger surface to transmit effectively warmth to air. For that reason a peak power of 720 W/m2 can be reached.

A high quality and high transmission, safety glass saves the heat exchanger from wind, rain and hail. A long lasting and high permeability to air is granted.

Through the DIN/EN/ISO 9806 cirtification, the CONA CCS+ air colector is supported by several funding bodies and other financial backer. Make enquiries about your support in your country. In some countries you get more than 45% of support.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are planning your individual drying plant!