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Solar collectors for drying wood chips

of drying wood chips with the help of solar-air technology

Features of CONA solar:

The use of solar-air collectors in drying process has several advantages:

The medium air is suitable for drying process and there is no need of an additional heat exchanger. Because of this it there is no risk of freezing, evaporating and leaking.

CONA has developed solar-air collectors, which have very efficient absorber technology. A peak power of more than 700W/m2 can be reached!

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Furthermore the air is transported through isolated airshafts to the damp wood chips to avoid loss of power.

Little air intake
Because of heating up the air in a closed system the relative humidity is increasing and more water can be transported. For that reason less cubic metre of air are necessary for the drying process.

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Patented technology
CONA’s solar-air collectors are patented and have been awarded with several prizes. Also the sloping grating is patented.

Saving solar energy from summer for winter
Because of solar drying of wood chips the net energy is increasing. 

Preserving and refining harvest
Farmers and foresters can preserve their harvest in a high quality with the help of solar energy.

Climate Protection
For protecting climate it’s necessary to use CO2 neutral energy. Drying wood chips with the help of solar energy means linking two sources of green energy. With drying damp wood chips farmers and foresters can refine their harvest and reach a higher energy output.

With the help of CONA drying facilities biomass like bushes, wood from deciduous trees, foliage, twigs and rind can now be used as high quality bio-energy.